Best WordPress Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 03:53 pm

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It not only provides a simple and interactive user interface but also many useful extensions for WordPress web development.

Chrome extensions for WordPress help with website development in various ways like editing blog posts, checking grammatical mistakes, managing tasks, etc. Thus, a dedicated WordPress developer can use these Chrome extensions to boost their productivity and automate repetitive tasks. So many extensions are available on the Chrome web store for WordPress developers. Hence, it may be difficult to pick the best ones. To avoid confusion, you can go through the best WordPress Chrome extensions for web developers described below.

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Best WordPress Chrome Extensions For Web Developers:

  • WordPress.org Plugins SVN Link
  • MySQL Admin
  • Link Redirect Trace
  • CSS Peeper
  • Clockwork
  • XDebug Helper
  • Wappalyzer
  • Window Resizer
  • Tab Resize
  • WordPress Theme Detector And Plugin Detector
  • Conclusion

Best WordPress Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

1. WordPress.org Plugins SVN Link

You can access this Chrome extension from a button in the WordPress plugins directory that displays the pages. The SVN Repository button is present below the download button when the extension is installed. After clicking it, you can check out the code of the plugin first-hand. With the help of this extension, you can have a look under the hood and view the quality of the code. After that, you can decide whether to download the plugin or not. In this way, the web developers can easily detect the malicious code that can cause problems, before installing the plugin.

2. MySQL Admin

This WordPress Chrome extension is handy for the management of your MySQL database. It provides you with the administration GUI of the MySQL server. You can create and drop tables, insert and update rows, and export databases with the help of this extension. In addition, it displays the statistics and process list of the connected server that is refreshed automatically along with the table list and selected table rows.

3. Link Redirect Trace

This Chrome extension for WordPress developers replaces all the other extensions that provide a “partial solution”. It is the all-in-one redirect path analyzer that provides you with the full picture of each redirect. It involves Rel-Canonicals, robots.txt, HTTP Headers, link power, risk, and trust analysis. The extension performs comprehensive, advanced, and correct analysis of the redirects, links, and REL-Canonicals. You can also use it for SEO analysis, competitor analysis, on and off-page SEO, and more. However, before you install another extension, keep in mind that this functionality may be already present as part of a WordPress plugin or an SEO tool.

4. CSS Peeper

With the help of CSS Peeper, you can inspect the styles in a beautiful, simple, and well-organized manner. It is a CSS extension viewer for designers that focuses on the design instead of going through the code. You can get to know the button size, line height, or font on a website with CSS Peeper. In addition, you can check the colors and assets on the web along with the hidden CSS style of the objects.

5. Clockwork

This WordPress Chrome extension uses a server-side component to collect the relevant data and integrate it with any PHP project. In addition, it supports applications based on CodeIgniter 2.1, Slim 2, and Laravel. Moreover, Clockwork provides a set of tools for development purposes for a PHP developer. Additionally, it comes with a new panel that contains all the information required for profiling and debugging PHP scripts. The panel includes the application log, request data, routes, database queries, and the visualization of the application at runtime.

6. XDebug Helper

This Chrome extension for WordSpace helps you in profiling, debugging, and tracing the PHP code so that you can avoid struggling with cookies or POST/GET variables. It is useful for PHP developers that use PHP tools having Xdebug support, for example, Netbeans, MacGDBp, PHPStorm, etc. In addition, it also works for Xdebug-compatible profiling tools like WinCacheGrind, KCacheGrind, or Web Grind. However, do know that you have to be in Developer mode (on Chrome: // extensions/ page) to use it.

7. Wappalyzer

With Wappalyzer, WordPress developers can identify the different technologies that create the back-end of a website. It is an open-source utility that comes with cross-platform support. It can detect over 1000 technologies including e-commerce platforms, content management systems, server software, web framework, analytics tools, and more.

8. Window Resizer

After the launch of Google’s mobile-first index initiative, WordPress web developers are putting more focus on testing the websites for a responsive design. It resizes the window of the browser so that you can test the responsive design on different resolutions. The WordPress extension is available for most screen sizes like mobile, desktop, and laptop. However, you can also enter your custom window size if required.

9. Tab Resize

With the help of this Chrome extension, WordPress developers can split the screen into multiple horizontal or vertical windows as per the requirement. Tab Resize comes with multi-monitor support. Moreover, it has an option named “empty tab”. With the help of this option, you can create other empty tabs automatically. Another option named “single tab”, comes with the functionality of changing the current tab only. You can resize the CURRENT tab and the tabs to the RIGHT into layouts on different windows.

10. WordPress Theme Detector And Plugin Detector

This Chrome extension for WordPress is very useful for detecting the installed WordPress themes and plugins on the websites that you visit. The tool works fast because it does not depend on the Chrome browser’s performance. It uses a fast server-end API, for the quick detection response of all the connected plugins and themes. The extension for WordPress is ideal if you like any theme on the website and want to know what plugins are being used to manage it.


The above are the most used Chrome extensions that provide high utility to WordPress web developers. WordPress Chrome extensions range from the most basic development tools to the ones geared to programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc. They come in handy at various stages of web development like boosting the performance of the website, optimizing the site for SEO, and many more. You can choose the ones according to your development requirements and build a customized collection that suits your personal workflow.

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