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How Coronavirus is Trending over the Internet and Social Media

The world has gone through a tremendous upheaval with Corona Pandemic, forcing people into self-quarantine. A lot of nations have forced lockdowns on citizens to contain the spread of the virus. According to WHO’s Live Status report, there are 1,439,516 confirmed cases worldwide with 85,711 cases of death as of 10th April 2020. This has […]

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Optimize Mobile Website for Voice Search in 2019

When Google first debuted voice search application for iPhone in 2008, the app was far from flawless. Over the years this app has become more precise and human-like. Statistics reveal that Googles English identification precision rate is currently over ninety-five percent. People fancy immediate answer, when searching for something from the web. While typing a […]

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8 SEO Tricks to Gain Higher Rankings for your Website

Today, more than ever before, SEO has become a fundamental part of any company, probably because almost all businesses have sites. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithm, audiences increasing online, and companies going digital by the day. All these reasons put a high amount of pressure on website owners to do more and be […]

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6-Steps Method for Performing Social Media Audit

Searching for hassle-free ways to know whether your social media strategy is working rightly in providing you desired results? Well! for grabbing the opportunity existing right in front of you must fix the mushrooming issues lying beneath. Auditing, therefore, comes as a rescuer for identifying and dealing with these issues. The best part is, it […]

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Technical SEO Guide to Make Your E-commerce Site Successful

Website traffic is considered as one of the important factors for determining the success of an E-commerce website. Because it brings potential customers to your business and also helps in maintaining a robust ranking among competitors in Google Search Engine Ranking Pages. Website traffic is considered as one of the important factors for determining the success […]

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