How Much YouTubers Earn on YouTube for 100K Views

YouTube is the most happening social media mode used by millions of users across the globe. YouTubers create video content to showcase it in the best possible manner embedding real-time facts associated with desired music and stunning videos to attract different users across the globe along with their followers. YouTubers may not start making money with their first video but slowly with good content and creativity can get good earnings as followers increase as they get more visibility.

There are many YouTubers across the world that makes good earnings and have become influencers in their particular niche. The various leading niches that YouTubers use to create content include gaming, music, educational content, funny videos, technology news, fitness and healthcare, the stock market, lifestyle, finance, homemaking, cooking, life hacks, and many more.

YouTubers get paid for their content which largely varies with the niche they are working with, content clarity, audience demographics, the country where the video is released, and also the viewer’s location along with the advertisements that are displayed within the videos.

There are many ways to earn with YouTube but learning about the steps to get your earnings through YouTuberevolves around:

  • Sign up for an Adsense account and enable your YouTubechannel for monetization
  • Create videos and upload them
  • Check your traffic for followers and likes by users
  • Start interacting with the comments posted by viewers and keep them engaged to get back to your channel

Typically, it is unlikely to make real money initially, but as the viewers and followers traffic improves, the earnings improve largely.

What are the various advantages as you upload content and videos on YouTube?

  • If you are a successful person with a good number of followers, you can get good earnings from YouTube
  • It largely benefits talented people who upload high-quality and interesting content as they earn a good amount
  • It is the best medium for promoting your brand, product, and services
  • It largely benefits Vloggers with easy earning by making them more visible
  • The best medium for people to start earning in the comfort of their homes

What are your earnings with YouTube for 100K Views?

The earnings of a YouTuber with 100,000 views vary significantly based on various factors such as demographics, niche of content, audience location, and many other factors. YouTubers earn through YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which truly allows them to monetize by uploading their videos and other content.

There are two other factors named Cost per Mile (CPM – the amount of money advertisers pay YouTube to place their ad on your video) and the second factor named Revenue per Mile (RPM – the amount of money the YouTuber gets after YouTube takes cuts) on which the earnings depend. According to QQTube, Youtube pays around $0.01 to $0.03 per view and on average, the amount is around $1800 for 100K views.

Last, but not least, the YouTuber needs to adopt the below methods to increase their traffic and get more views and subsequently more earnings. Some of the methods include:

1. Posting clear and high-quality content to get success:

The YouTuber should create high-quality and productive information to attract people in the niche to view and like videos. The content should be posted regularly to keep your audience coming back to your channel for your videos.

2. Optimization with search engine optimization is the Key:

It is necessary to search relevant keywords and other popular search terms related to your niche and optimize your video titles, and meta with them. This way helps to effectively improve your content and video visibility in users’ YouTube search results.

3. Promote videos through social platforms to improve visibility:

It is important to push your videos and content not only through YouTube but also leverage other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and also share through emails and newsletters.

4. Leverage YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to increase earnings:

If you have a good number of followers on your channel meeting certain other required criteria, then you can leverage the monetization features of YPP such as advertisements, channel memberships, and Super Chat payments.

5. Create sponsored content for more views:

You can negotiate directly with the brand and when you create videos for them, it is seen that those brands will pay you directly which will be a good method to increase your earnings.

6. Become an affiliate partner:

You can also use affiliate marketing methods by affiliating with businesses and encouraging viewers to visit their brand’s online stores or specified product pages and effectively you get a percentage of the commission.

7. Explore and diversify your revenue streams to improve earnings:

Though ad revenue is a good medium for income from YouTube, still you can explore other new revenue streams. You can explore other streams such as leveraging other leading brand partnerships, working on some sponsored videos, promoting merchandise sales, and at times also leveraging methods like crowdfunding based on the need.


YouTube is the leading social channel where millions of users are active and many YouTubers contribute their videos and other content such that users get engaged and subscribe to their channel. YouTubers get substantial earnings for the posted content based on the number of views the video gets along with the demographics and calculating some other factors.

YouTuber’s earnings also depend on CPM and RPM factors but there are many ways in which a YouTuber can increase their earnings by following methods such as posting high-quality and relevant niche content, adopting search engine optimization, and encouraging existing viewers, etc. YouTubers can leverage digital marketing agencies to know how to post great content, how to create interesting and fact-based videos to get good earnings and also can quickly improve their followers to get increased views for their content.

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