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Inbound Content Marketing and Digital Marketing: A Quick Guide for Startups

Statistics show that 78% of people use more time online researching a product than at a store. This implies that a marketer can reach a larger audience through online marketing. Almost everyone has their phones and a viable internet connection handy in this age. As of October 2021, social media host over 450 billion users. […]

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Top 5 Marketplace Websites for Small Businesses

If you’re considering selling a product, you should consider marketplace websites. Some are globally focused and can offer a vast array of opportunities. For example, the online selling giant Amazon has an enormous reach and visitor market share across many regions, and Amazon’s mobile app reached more than 150 million users in September 2019. 1. […]

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Important Elements of Web Design or Web Development

Knowing where to begin cannot be easy if you are new to technology. There are numerous paths available, ranging from web development to web design to digital marketing and every specialization imaginable. A professional website needs to look up-to-date and high-end. Furthermore, modern web design elements should be up to date and meet users’ needs. […]

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