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Video Gift Messaging

How To Use Video Gift Messaging For Your Business & Why It Helps?

Video gift messages are an instant, simple way to customize the shopping experience for customers in your stores. The Video Gift Messaging app allows your store’s customers to add customizations to every order by sending a secure video message. In addition, the Video Gift Message app dashboard provides added creative flexibility for customizing your customer’s […]

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Building Gojek Like App

Planning to Start a Business? Gain Huge Profits by Building the Gojek-Like App

Investing in any business without proper research will lead to a total loss of money, so doing adequate research before starting any business is crucial. It is, therefore, important for any start-up entrepreneurs who wish to invest money in a business to run through the market and determine whether the idea is viable. It is […]

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Employee Engagement Software

6 Benefits of Employee Engagement Software for Business

To keep up with the fast-paced environment and quick changes in the business world, sole engagement strategies aren’t enough anymore. They are outdated and require continuous attention and a lot of investment. Therefore, implementing engagement software in your business might be just the thing you need to keep your employees up to date! The main […]

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BI Visuals Dashboard for financial institutions

Major 5 Visuals to Emphasize the Financial Dashboards in Power BI

Are you puzzled when searching for the perfect Power BI visuals to highlight various financial services? Don’t worry! You landed in the right place where your confusion regarding the Power BI visuals specialized for interpreting data from financial services gets resolved. Besides, financial organizations and banks generate a large volume of data daily from their […]

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Automate Communications Archiving

How to Automate Communications Archiving to Unburden Your Staff

The volume of communications—including emails, text messages, social media, and calls—that organizations accumulate is staggering. While most communications allow employees to easily search through messages for day-to-day needs, companies need to make sure to preserve some communication records in secure, tamper-proof archives. Communication archiving is necessary in order to keep up with relevant regulations and […]

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