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How to Encourage Your Customers to Provide Feedback

In this game of e-commerce, where commercial transactions are conducted electronically over the internet, more product reviews and ratings make up for better revenue and more customers. Since online purchases do not provide the experience of touching, feeling, or trying products the same way in-store visits do, customers rely heavily on their fellow buyers’ feedback. […]

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What are Best Practices and Tips to Increase Security in VoIP Networks?

Security in VoIP is one of the topmost concerns for businesses because multiple users and locations find a connection under the same network. And, if something goes wrong, there is a direct effect on the entire system, and everyone is affected. But, don’t worry, folks. Your worst nightmare isn’t going to be accurate, especially when […]

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How Important is UI Design For The Healthcare Industry

Today, in this era healthcare applications are a better way for people to remain health-conscious. People are becoming more aware of health issues and knowledgeable enough to choose even their diet plan by themselves. The healthcare industry is now sought by people and then for the betterment of a healthy lifestyle. According to the statistics, […]

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