How SEO And PPC Can Work Together For Better Website Performance

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 03:52 pm

Are you wondering whether to combine SEO and PPC to improve your website rankings? We say you should! When combined, both SEO and PPC result in better performance as they both work on similar premises. Thus, combining Organic and Paid strategies can give your web page the boost it requires to land on Google SERP!

Still a little skeptical? Then read on as we explain how your SEO and PPC agency can work together and why it is beneficial for the best optimization results. Let’s get started!

How Your SEO And PPC Agency Can Work Together

SEO Can Use Paid Search’s Keyword Data

Your PPC agency is very likely to have a detailed list of well-researched keyword data. Your SEO team can make use of the keyword data while making optimization decisions for your website. Similarly, using PPC data to optimize website content can result in a lower cost-per-click. This is because the relevance of on-page content to the ad might influence Quality Score, a Google criterion for determining an ad’s rank.

Thus make sure your PPC agency shares its keyword data with your SEO team to take hold of excellent opportunities.

Make Sure Your PPC Agency Is Aware Of The Importance Of URLs To SEO

If your PPC agency decides to use tracking URLs to construct a new landing page or specific pages, this could be detrimental to SEO efforts. For starters, creating duplicate pages for the sake of tracking can result in a drop in organic ranks for both. On a case-by-case basis, duplication must be dealt with correctly.

Even if new pages for related themes are not duplicates, they may nonetheless obstruct search advantages. Several pages should not rank for the same keyword, which can happen when new pages are created without contacting the organic team. Any adjustments that both teams would like to see in each other should be communicated.

Any Increase In Bids Should Be Reported To The SEO Agency

It’s not uncommon to see an increase in paid activity result in a decrease in organic traffic. This could cause panic among the organic team to explain their campaign’s declining results to a client. Of course, the opposite can also happen, so keep an eye on any substantial ranking or quick answer gains.

Both Agencies Should Share Significant News among themselves

This could be a structural shift that necessitates hiring a new decision-maker or plans for site improvements such as rebranding or the addition of new services. With these capabilities, search teams can keep ahead of anticipated account management and optimization developments.

SEO Team Should Share Inventory Management Issues With PPC Agency

Because they are meant to handle stock, particular CMS can cause inventory management challenges, and they don’t always address the effects this may have on digital marketing activities. The loss of a page from the index, or the removal of an ad group due to a missing landing page, might substantially influence both teams’ campaigns.

Benefits Of Having Your SEO And PPC Agency Work Together

Increase Visibility

The ability to appear more than once on the search results page is one of the significant benefits of operating Google Ads campaigns and an SEO strategy. This will increase your site’s exposure on a page by giving you more weapons to compete for a user’s attention among the crowd.

Better Rankings

Google’s algorithms are updated almost regularly. Organic rankings can fluctuate dramatically in a short amount of time as a result of these algorithm modifications. SEO-optimized organic rankings are based on extensive study but, due to an update, a site could rank in the top ranks for several competitive keywords one week and not be found anywhere on the first page the next. In such a scenario, PPC, along with SEO, will help to retain the rank of your page while SEO works to avoid any further loss of rank.

Better Site Traffic And Click-Through

A combination of PPC and SEO allows your website to stand out from the crowd and avoid becoming lost in a sea of apparently endless links. With more visibility in search results pages, you have a better chance of getting people to click through to your website. This increased traffic means that a greater number of users or consumers will see your items or services on your website, increasing your chances of acquiring business.

PPC Can Improve SEO Content Plan

In terms of ad wording, it can be useful to observe which of your advertisements are doing well and resulting in the most conversions, just as it can be helpful to know which of your keywords are performing well and resulting in the highest conversions. Using these PPC samples as inspiration, you can build title tags, meta descriptions, and on-page content to achieve similar click-through success with your organic listings.

Both Agencies Can Help Improve Marketing Of Your Website

Because SEO and PPC are vital components of a successful online marketing campaign, they should be used together. There is no scenario in which organic rankings will eventually render PPC obsolete, saving the brand in question a significant amount of money on advertising.

To get the most out of your current campaign, ensure that your SEO and PPC agency are working together. This way, you can ensure clear and direct communication between your campaign and results. This will help both of them work seamlessly to provide the best performance results for your website.


Using SEO and PPC together can get you the best results for your website – they can help you solve every problem your website faces while giving you the best optimization results. In terms of increasing website speed, and looking up the best and most relevant keywords, combining both these strategies can be super beneficial for your website. So contact a reliable SEO and PPC Agency today and get started on your journey to success!

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