10 Best Software Testing Service Providers

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The software helps businesses reach a massive audience, talk to them about their brand, and look for more opportunities to boost business within a short time. It has contributed to raising the living standards of people. Aside, software has a significant impact not only on various industries but also on all walks of life.

However, the truth is, that a bug or an error in the software can ruin your business’s overall productivity and credibility. Therefore, it is necessary to get error-free software that can ensure reliable and flawless operations.

The Top Ten Software Testing Services Providing Companies

But, getting error-free software is not an easy task. You will need the help of professional software testing services. To reach the right, you have to do some research. We have mentioned a few names below that can make your task easy.

1. SparxIT

The top-rated software development company, SparxIT, is also well known for providing an excellent reputation for being one of the best software testing service providers. It has spent a successful more than 16 years in the industry, serving almost all types of industries and suggesting the best IT solutions.

The remarkable features that make it one of the best software testing firms:-

  • It provides software testing services, such as security, performance, and mobile app testing. Also, it offers usability testing, functional testing, accessibility testing, and automation testing.
  • Apart from providing QA and testing services, it has expertise in various tech stacks, including blockchain, mixed reality, virtual reality, machine learning, augmented reality, data intelligence, and many more.
  • It has a 4.8 rating on Clutch and has served all types and sizes of businesses, including startups medium-sized companies, and larger enterprises in the Fortune 500.
  • The company has fulfilled the tech requirements of several industries like fintech, SaaS, eCommerce, Edtech, logistics, health tech, fintech, and many more.

2. QualityLogic

Working with over 250 employees and a clutch rating of 4.9, QualityLogic company has earned an excellent name for providing software testing services. Apart from providing software testing and quality assurance, the organization serves various industries like media & entertainment, education & nonprofits, fitness, retail, eCommerce, etc. Its software testing services are aimed at improving the quality of mobile and web applications, imaging systems, and intelligent energy solutions.

When it comes to the wide range of technologies that the company covers to provide its software testing services includes:-

  • OTT & streaming media, API testing, Agile QA, Fax & Fax Over IP testing.
  • Mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, print systems, the Internet of Things, and various software platforms and solutions.
  • Its major clients include Lexicon, Mighty Networks, Tesla, eHarmony, Disney, Stand Up 2 Cancer, etc.

3. QA Mentor

With almost 102 industry awards, 476 satisfied clients, 3257 completed projects, and 350 certified QA professionals, the leading QA company is headquartered in New York and has almost 12 global locations. From startups to Fortune 500 organizations, the company has software testing served clients of all types and sizes.

The most significant names who have already taken the services of this company include names like HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Experian, Jlan Mobile, Nicopanda, Sterling, etc. A range of industries that avail of its QA services include e-learning, gaming, media and entertainment, travel & leisure, healthcare, finance and banking, mobile and wireless, etc.

4. iBeta Quality Assurance

With a Clutch rating of 5 and almost 250 employees, the iBeta company has been providing software testing services to the most trusted names in the world. Its full range of QA software testing services has many different software testing types like accessibility and acceptance testing, functionality testing, mobile and website testing, and completed quality assurance. The key clients of software testing service providers include Express, Gold’s Gym, DaVita, Hasbro, Sandia National Laboratories, Irisguard, etc.

5. QASource

It is one of the gold-verified software testing service providers, with a rating of 4.7 on Clutch. The software QA testing service provider provides dedicated offshore quality expertise and engineers to a vast range of clients who have testing-related requirements. The company’s broad testing solutions include mobile, API, security, Salesforce, automation, and artificial testing.

Regarding its clients, Adobe, TechSmith, IBM, eBay, and Amazon are some significant names. Besides, Oracle, Dartmouth University, Fun Mobility, BroadVision, and SkillRoad are also among its clients.


Having more than 300 happy clients and a Clutch rating of 5, the PFLB software testing company has been fulfilling performance testing needs across various technologies. The vast range of technologies that it covers includes web and mobile applications, legacy software, core banking systems, SAP, IVR, etc.

Its testing services include manual automation, performance and load automation, test process management, DevOps, continuous testing, and many more. The major clients of the software development firm include Samsung, Tinder, Udacity, Splunk, SolarWinds, e-on, KFC, and many more.

7. OnPath Testing

With over 50 testing professionals and a Clutch rating of 4.7, the company OnPath Testing is among the best software testing service-providing companies. It specializes in functional test planning and execution, automation test framework design and development, SQA tools selection and administration, defect management, metrics, reporting, and tracking.

In addition, it has specialties in performance test scripting, result analysis, and execution. The list of its clients includes some significant names like LearningObjects, RAIR Technologies, ChronoTrack, CodeLogic, LeesaSleep, MapQuest, ClearCaptions, and many more.

The company is capable of providing customized QA solutions according to your needs. Whether you want support from trained engineers for your QA efforts or support for testing execution or planning, the organization has trained professionals and resources to fulfill your needs.

8. SJ Innovation LLC

With more than 160 professional branches in 5 locations and a Clutch rating 5, the company has been providing quality assurance and testing services to a range of big to small clients across many industries. Apart from being a reputed software testing provider, the company is also well known for delivering custom software solutions.

SJ Innovation LLC has delivered more than 200 projects to its clients. When it comes to expertise in quality assurance and testing, it provides performance testing with Jmeter, API testing, Frontend automation with Cypress, and Frontend Automation with Selenium. Apart from these, the software development company provides a broad of services in different areas like Magento services, Shopify services, AWS cloud services, Drupal development, headless CMS development, and many more.

9. Trigent Software

Based out of the USA, the software testing services company helps its clients develop, design, deliver, and maintain core applications and products. Its expertise spans from infrastructure services to product engineering and cloud automation.

Also, it provides quality engineering. Trigent Software has delivered more than 400 projects to its clients. The various industries that this organization serves include the healthcare sector, retail, transportation & logistics, education & financial services, manufacturing, and many more.

Some of its reputed clients are PG Calc, Honeywell, HDFleet, SurgeTransportations, RateCentric, NEPC, Kimco, etc.

10. XDuce

The software development company has more than 300 dedicated IT experts who have assisted in delivering more than 400 projects. It has achieved a 90 percent client retention rate and has more than 150 satisfied clients, which has helped it to gain the Clutch rating of 5. When it comes to providing software testing services, the organization has a wide range of such services, including functional testing, test automation, compatibility testing, and secure testing. Apart from this, XDuce offers a range of IT solutions like mobile app development, data engineering and analytics, strategic resourcing, cloud-native, app modernization and apps development, IT & cloud consulting, and many more.


Hopefully, the lists mentioned above that provide the complete details of outstanding software testing services providers will help you reach the right company. These services use the latest tools and technology and provide expert professionals with several years of expertise. They can conduct software testing to improve the functionality of your devices. Also, it enhances the usability of your devices and helps you decrease your maintenance costs.

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