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What will healthcare look like in 2040 with AI and machine learning?

The future with AI is very competitive and complex, but the use of the technology makes it very simple, one can not think where the use of artificial intelligence has reached so far.

From medical record reviews, population health analytics has been increasing and the trends are emerging towards it. There are three types of care associated with AI: patient-care oriented, clinician-care oriented with AI and administrative and operational AI.

Let us discuss:

Top use cases of AI in healthcare:

In New Delhi, there was a case at the time of the pandemic, while surging to the difficulties of data enrollment in the system, but with the help of big data & analytics, the situation was tackled very quickly and efficiently.

AI helps in the diagnosis of diseases and it will provide vital assistance to the patient, computing their changes and providing them care.

AI is also helping the fresher doctors and nursing staff to consult the patient easily by providing their know-how of the patient by mentioning the symptoms and providing the medications.

AI is currently used in the ICUs for giving real-time information about the patient’s sufferings, if there is a case of emergency it will buzz up the alerts so that doctors come to know about the emergency very quickly.

AI is also helping in dental care. It is providing information about the abnormal structure and studying them and sharing the outcomes. It is also helpful in the dentistry college that students can learn anatomy and dental structures with it.

AI is providing continuous burden-free care, monitoring and screening to the patient and that will bring the seriousness of care and precautions in the patient’s daily life.

AI relates to child care in such a way that human empathy and artificial empathy will correlate with each other to help in a child’s growth and development. There are many applications available for it that provide virtual assistance and time-time it buzzes up with the questions like” did your child eat protein muesli today?” and the parents wll become more conscious towards it, in this one can add up the activities and the applications will take follow-up care.

AI in pregnancy is a game-changer, right now it is not intervening in the process much, but in near future, the developers can think of it. In the current scenario if we see, then AI is helping in mood swings of mothers by providing them with assisting care and knowledge.

AI in heart care is used for quick response and diagnosis, it can help the patients to get urgent relief and immediate care.

AI in skincare is used for the purpose of bringing awareness amongst the world, as females sometimes using cosmetics and other products blindfolded to make their skin better, but here the luno-fofo has come up with the option of “KNOW YOUR SKIN FIRST” and then treat it better.

Female bodies are made up of continuous hormonal imbalances and that replicates in the skin too, so AI has the best idea to know the skin first and then treat it in a better way.

AI in neurological care is helping in the diagnosis of tumors in the brain and provides recommendations to treat them wisely. Parkinson’s disease, alzimer[s], and other brain tumors can be treated with the help of AI.

What is the Future demand with AI?

In every sector, AI is a booming industry but it is a nascent field too, the beginning of the development has started already; If you zoom in on all the sectors then you will come to know about it.

AI is giving the feasibility of health as a prime thing to the world, it assesses and monitors as per the needs of the individual. The developer can make changes in the algorithms and make the changes according to the task given. It will design its alarming features and will provide care to mankind.

With the increasing use of AI people sometimes get afraid of the situation where they get jobless from the tech world, but let me clarify this confusion that no technology will replace humans as personal care is needed to use every technology. Technology innovations can help humans to perform tasks better, but it can not replace them.

Limitations of AI:

While discussing all the good and top cases of AI technology, discussing limitations are viable too.

  • It is not cost-effective, as people are experiencing it very expensive.
  • Risk of replacing the humans, as I earlier mentioned this fear of replacing the humans from the actual task.
  • Developing a new thing is a very time taking process and it is hard too because there are fewer people who acknowledge the technology fully.
  • Technological complexity makes it a big challenge to develop something new.
  • Integrating challenges to develop with the compatibility of other technology makes it difficult.

Real-world implementation:

  • Recently in the health magazine of 2021, there’s a big blog on performing surgery with robotic help. AI robots can stitch and operate the wound very calmly as one does, they are providing the three-dimensional magnificent view to operate the wound. Obviously, some complex tasks can be done by the doctors but with the help of robots, the task becomes easier.
  • There are several mobile applications that can help heart patients and normal patients to help them more with the added features of heart rate tracking, ECG etc. that will help the patients to remain healthy. [ As IOT market reach to $136.8 billion]
  • AI is already useful in the diagnosis of retinopathy and cancer-like diseases, it is helpful in giving 99% results with accuracy. Pharmacy app development companies make it more possible to develop more applications in healthcare with AI.
  • AI is helpful in drug discovery with the help of responsive technology, with AI it is enabling us to use trial and error methods less. The time-efficient method makes it easier to invent new drugs for the daily upcoming new viruses and diseases.


Well, after giving audiences the full-fledged information about AI would make them wonder about the innovations that one can not think of, you can comment on this blog and give more ideas related to that.

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