Why Node.js Development is an Excellent Choice for Businesses?

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 10:39 am

If you plan to create a successful business, you will have to scale it at some point in time. More and more businesses are in the need to scale their business operations. Parallelly, Node.js is also trending with it. We hope you have connected the dots by now. Node.js has been an ideal choice for web app development as it helps businesses easily scale up.

Well, it is not the only benefit businesses get when they decide to build their web app using Node.js. There are many more. All frameworks and languages have many benefits to offer to the users. Node.js stands out when it comes to benefits. To give you a quick glimpse of it – the Web Development charge is something every business wants to reduce.

As per a report, Node.js reduces the development cost by up to 58%, and it powers around 20 million sites. It stands out from other programming platforms as it comes with modern tools and support of a forward-thinking approach to building sophisticated apps.

Let us first understand what exactly Node.js is.

A runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is neither a framework nor a library. Ryan Dahl first introduced Node.js in 2009. Node.js is a JavaScript run-time environment designed for executing JavaScript outside of the browser. The platform is used by developers worldwide to create command-line utilities and server-side scripts.

It creates a consistent JavaScript development environment by supporting both client-side and server-side scripting. For scripting on different sides, it eliminates the need to use different programming languages.

Node JS is most popular in the US—over 6.3 million websites use it. Needless to say, some of the biggest technology companies around the world are using it. To name a few, some popular companies using Node.js are PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. You still must be wondering why to use it.

So let us get straight into the points – why is it an excellent choice for businesses? Here is why:

1. High Performance

Every business would like to create an app that gives high performance. If you want your customers to continue using your app, you cannot compromise on this point. Node.js compiles JavaScript to native machine code that runs on Google’s V8 engines quickly. It is because of this reason it can accelerate any framework.

Another point is that both Node.js and V8 are updated frequently. The updates are to boost performance, enhance security, and support modern JavaScript features. PayPal was able to reduce the response time by 35% and was able to handle double the request/second once it moved to Node.js.

2. Enables businesses to create a real-time app

With the advancement in technology, the needs of both businesses and customers have changed. Every business is now looking for customer information in real time. The reason is simple – if you have access to reliable customer information, you can grow your business sales multifold as you can offer users exactly what they are looking for.

To achieve this, Node.js has emerged as the best solution. You can easily create real-time web applications like games, chat apps, etc with Node.js.

3. Scalability

We have already touched on the point at the start of a discussion. The reason it is scalable is that it can withstand high peak loads. For the same reason, Uber is using it. In such businesses, there are certain times in a day (or seasons) when the demand increases significantly. Node.js handles such challenges very easily.

4. Data Streaming

If you need to build a successful product for your customers, you need excellent I/O management. It is hard to achieve if the web framework you are using considers HTTP queries and responses as entire data objects. Node.js is a perfect solution to the problem. It handles I/O processes and allows businesses to transcode and upload media files simultaneously.

5. Comes with cross-functionality

Cross-functional teamwork is important in a web app development process. Node.js allows the backend or frontend communities, quality assurance specialists, and infrastructure engineers to constantly add value to the current Node.js resources. It offers innovation, agility, and smoother and more adaptable team communication. If you are looking to build a big project, Node.js should be an obvious choice. That’s why node.js app development services are on-demand nowadays.

6. Proxy Server

One of the attractive features of Node.js is its ability to operate as a proxy server for services with different response times or data collected from multiple sources. For example, let us assume a business is using a server-side application to communicate with third-party resources, collect data from various sources, and store videos and images on third-party cloud services. Even though businesses can use dedicated servers, Node.js is a better option when infrastructure is lacking or when a solution is required for local development.

7. Simplifies developers’ work

When you choose Node.js, your development team does not have to constantly reinvent the wheel. This is because there is something called Node Package Manager (NPM). Using it, they can obtain standard functionalities in the form of smaller open-source software modules. It is an online database of public and paid-for private packages that come pre-installed with every Node.js installation.

8. Community Support

With the advancement in technology, so many new languages are coming every passing year. A business can’t adopt one technology today and change it after a few years. Node.js gives stability to businesses as it comes with Long Term Community Support (LTS) which is an essential feature for any business to have. It also explains why Node.js has become a standard for corporate organizations. It comes with a vibrant presence and solid corporate support, making it more reliable by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

9. Node.js with Microservice Patterns

Node.js assists businesses in managing every micro-tasks, such as CMS and e-mail markets. It helps you manage all complicated tasks with ease. Microservice design is a solution to complex problems. After your big project is over, you will need to add new features while still rendering the best performance to the users. With time, it gets complex to introduce new features. Node.js simplifies it for you by splitting the app into small units. Every single part of it is independently deployable and scalable.

How can Node.js prove to be Useful for Businesses?

The following stats explain how Node.js can prove to be useful for businesses:

  • Node JS enables loading to be sped up by 50-60%.
  • By using Node JS, development costs can be reduced by 58%
  • Node.js is the most used framework with 51.9% among the developers.
  • Node JS can increase the performance of your application by 50%.
  • 49.9% of programmers use Node JS for its tools, libraries, and frameworks.


These are just some of the many reasons why many businesses around the globe are considering Node.js as a superior technology for operating high-volume web apps and allowing teams to execute their plans more quickly.

Given its current popularity and long-term stability, if you have not used Node.js for your web app development, it is time to at least start considering it.

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