How to Hire Remote Developers: The Definitive Guide

Last updated on May 2nd, 2023 at 12:14 pm

Are you someone who is looking forward to hiring remote developers and building software development teams? Are you feeling confused just because you are not sure how you can hire developers? Well, if it is so here, we have a detailed handbook for you.

As we all know right now there are so many developers who switch to remote options due to flexibility. But the point arises for those who are unaware of how they can hire a developer. Well, in this article we will share all the factors that are needed to keep in mind while hiring one. Let’s have a look!

Tips to follow

In this section, we discuss the tips that are needed to follow while hiring a remote developer:

Expertise the developer holds

First of all, it is important to check out the expertise the developer holds. There are so many remote developers available around and all of them have something to serve. Thus, do know the expertise they possess. For example, some are frontend developers and some are backend whereas so do both of these. Just have a clear conversation with the developers to know more about their expertise and understand whether or not they will help you with the project.

Experience the developer holds

After checking on the area of expertise, it is important to know the experience they hold. The experience they hold will help you to know what they are up to. Ask them questions about how they earned this experience and the projects they have worked on. You can also check out the projects they have completed in the past to see their work. Make sure when you are hiring a remote developer you are not hiring someone who is new to this field. If you hire a newbie there is a chance that in the end, some problem may arise and things will not go as you have planned. Thus, to keep things simple, have a clear check on the experience they hold.


If you are hiring a Software development company that is offering remote services to their clients do check on their review online. There are so many developers as well who have established themselves and have an online portal as well. To keep things simple, keep a check on the portal and analyze whether or not they have received a good review. You can also ask for references from the developer to cross-verify whether or not the developer will be a suitable need per your project or not.

In case you find negative reviews on their portal, it is advisable to have a clear discussion with the developer before concluding anything.

Ready to collaborate or not

Sometimes it happens that over a project there are so many people working and it becomes impossible for the head to watch out for everyone. In that case, it is integral to have someone who can collaborate with the rest of the team. Do check out whether or not the developer is ready to collaborate. If they are not ready to collaborate there is no point in connecting with them for future endeavors.

Just let them know about your team and discuss whether or not they can collaborate. The soon they answer the same question, the sooner you can decide whether or not going with them is an option for you.

Get a cost quotation and analyze

You cannot reach any conclusion until and unless you have an idea about how much they are going to charge. Make sure to have a detailed quotation so that you can analyze what is exactly the case. The quotation must include details of every charge they will charge from you.

Also, ask them if there is any change needed in the end and how will they manage the same. Some remote developers are there who charge additional amounts for editing. Thus, to be on the safer side, have a clear idea about how much you need to pay in order to get your project needs to be catered.

Communication is important to check out

Until and unless they are not ready to be sure of the mode of communication that can be considered you cannot move ahead with them. Just know what they are up to in terms of communication so that you can finalize whether or not they are communicating effectively with you. This is important because if the developer is not communicating with you this will become problematic for you to let them know about what your needs are regarding the project.

Have an idea whether they consider calling or connecting over a portal like Google Meet or any other. This will be helpful in deciding whether or not they will work with all the transparency. If there is no clear mode of communication available, drop the idea of choosing the respective developer and search for some other ones around.

Management style

Management style is also an important factor of consideration because if the remote developers you are hiring are not effectively managing the team there is no point in connecting with them. Thus, from their previous clients or during the initial conversation figure out whether or not they are managing their clients in a better way. If you feel like there is something that can be problematic in terms of management try to figure that out directly with the developer. This will be helpful in getting clarity regarding all the management aspects required in the development phase.

In case you feel like they will not be able to manage the project effectively and there are so many questions that you might be having, ask those questions directly. The answer to the same questions will be helpful in having all the trust in the developer. Until and unless your doubts are unclear, do not finalize things with the developer.

Punctuality is a must to know

It is important that the developer you are hiring must be punctual enough that they submit the project on time. If they are not punctual there are very few chances you will get the project completed on time. Thus, have a clear idea about their punctuality as well and then move ahead.

Set up a specific deadline and analyze whether or not the remote developer you are hiring is submitting the project at the same time.

How to hire remote developers?

There are so many people who have no idea about how they can move ahead with Building a Software Development Team. After knowing these tips, this curiosity may be hitting you as well. But don’t worry as here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Figure out your needs:

The primary step is to figure out your project needs. After figuring out these needs you will be able to know that this is the particular expertise that you need to look out for. This must include the type of developer you need, the expertise they hold, and all other parameters. Just have a detailed point of view regarding it so that you can find out the developer accordingly.

Step 2: Prepare a list of questions you need to ask:

Now after knowing about your needs in detail, this is the time for you to prepare a list of questions that you can ask the developer. This list will include every question that is relevant to the project and also clear all your doubts.

Ensure during the interview you are keeping all these questions in mind and the developer you are hiring must be able to answer the questions accordingly.

Step 3: Choose a platform to extract the details of remote developers:

After you are sure that this is the time for you to hire the developer, extract the details of developers from different platforms. There are so many platforms available that can help you to do it efficiently. The portals it includes are LinkedIn, Monster, Upwork, Freelancers, Fiverr, and so on. Choose any portal and start your search for remote developers for your project.

Step 4: Initiate the interview with the selected candidate:

After choosing the candidates it is time for you to initiate the interview. This interview must be an in-depth interview. So that you can get an idea about the expertise the interviewer holds. Ask all the questions you have on your list. So that you can ask them and get an idea of whether or not they are suitable for your project.

Step 5: Discuss your project needs and get the project started!

Finally, this is the time for you to get your project started. During the project stay connected with the developers. This helps you to get a thorough idea about what is going on in the project. This will help you to know whether or not the project is getting completed timely or not.


In conclusion, by keeping all these tips in mind you can go for hiring remote developers who will help you to get your project needs to be catered. It is advisable whenever you hire remote developers to have a clear conversation with them regarding your needs.

Just be transparent with your project needs. So that there is no point of confusion and the developer caters to your needs accordingly. Just hire the best talent. So that you can have full faith that they will be able to complete your requirements sufficiently!

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