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Shopify Plus vs Magento

Shopify Plus vs Magento: which is the best headless eCommerce platform?

Magento and Shopify, with a 10% and 1.72% market share, respectively are immensely popular eCommerce platforms. Millions of consumers regularly use one of them to advance their businesses. Magento and Shopify offer online store management in distinct ways. Before choosing between the two eCommerce systems, companies should weigh several aspects. Find out how Magento and […]

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eCommerce Website Builders

Best eCommerce Website Builders

If you’re considering developing an online store, several custom eCommerce website development options are available. There are Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and BigCommerce, to name a few. All of these platforms provide complete eCommerce solutions for developing, managing, and expanding a website. Each offers a unique set of features and is designed to be user-friendly. Plus, […]

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Google Slides Templates

Creative Google Slides Templates To Make Better Presentations

The same default presentation templates immediately make presentations boring. People have seen them hundreds of times already, maybe even had not the greatest experiences associated with some of the templates, so here is when creative slides come in handy. Using creative presentation templates made by professional designers will impress your audience and make you stand […]

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Facebook uses

Top Tips for Small Businesses on How to Use Facebook

Running a small business is not as simple as the word “small” indicates, terminologically speaking. Small businesses experience a bunch of challenges, threats, and obstacles that take someone to have a sense of prudence to overcome. Moreover, small companies are known to have a tight budget, which makes owners prioritize their spending on aspects crucial […]

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Building Gojek Like App

Planning to Start a Business? Gain Huge Profits by Building the Gojek-Like App

Investing in any business without proper research will lead to a total loss of money, so doing adequate research before starting any business is crucial. It is, therefore, important for any start-up entrepreneurs who wish to invest money in a business to run through the market and determine whether the idea is viable. It is […]

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